Perceived Need

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Advertising in the modern world, is often meant to create the feeling of need where none actually exists. The need is that of the craftsman who must sell what she has made in order to buy more materials, as well as support herself and her family. This tends to make us a bit leery of advertising, but it need not.

Some needs are real, and yet we are unaware of them. When some “ad” lets you know about a product that will make your life much better, when you had no idea it existed, it serves you as well as the one providing it.

It’s easy to recognize physical needs: We need water and food, we need warmth, we need air. But there are other things we need and, like air, we sometimes forget that we need it because it’s usually around. Sometimes we need peace and quite, other times we need stimulation. Sometimes we need hugs. Sometimes we need encouragement, other times what we need is for someone to talk us out of doing something really stupid. When these are part of your normal life, you may not realize how much you need them… until they aren’t there any more.

One thing we often need is to be able to talk about what’s going on in our lives without having to EXPLAIN everything. Old friends are precious because they have all the backstory, you don’t need to fill them in on anything but new developments. Similarly, when you see ghosts, or dowse, use energy healing, or divination, it’s so wonderful to not have to stop and justify your belief in something that you know is real. The relief of not needing to “feel out” the people around you to see if they’re going to start thinking that you’re ignorent or stupid if you admit yor experiences is so wonderful! It’s like taking off tight shoes or confining underclothes at the end of the day. Just to be able not to have to live “on guard” is a joy.

This may be a need you didn’t even consider, that you had. Once a year, come and relax with others who may not approach everything the way you do, but who do know that believing in what’s real (even when that belief isn’t popular) isn’t stupid or ignorant, it’s just human. Come “breathe” with us.

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