Panel Spotlight: Tarot Panel

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Tiertarock_Mannheim_ca_1778Come to the Atrium and listen to several of our speakers and guests talking about various issues. (let us know if you’d like to be on a panel, you don’t have to be a speaker, just have something to say about the topic. Let us know with the form below, or come to the facebook group and join the conversation!)

Tarot Panel- How to Read Court Cards

This is one of the hardest questions for a beginning reader, because there are SO many ways to read the court cards! Pages are youth, Knights and Kings Men, Queens Women, but while some use hair and eye color, some make an elemental pairing of the court cards, others see the faces on the physical cards. As usual, different readers have different techniques- come hear a few.

As an extra thing you might be interested in- as panels are near and dear to my heart, on the New Normal I ran through some of the topics we’ve had panels on over the last five years at Changing Times Changing Worlds. Listen to that podcast here.

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