Panel Spotlight: Gaming and Real Magick

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Picture being in someone’s living room, a warm friendly place, where some really brilliant, experienced people are having an animated discussion about topics on healing, divination, magic, folklore and spirituality. You can ask questions or just listen. That’s what our panels are like, not experts sitting behind a table.
Please come to the atrium to enjoy or join the conversation!

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First Highlight: Gaming and Real Magickauthentic thaumaturgy cover

Role playing (mostly tabletop, because when you’re playing a game you don’t want real magic happening, so tossing seed packets is better), often includes players using magick and psychic abilities. Different systems use different ways to describe how this works, and some systems reflect what we’ve learned better than others. Issac Bonewits who wrote the seminal book Real Magic, years later came out with an adaptation for gaming Authentic Thaumaturgy. Those of us who are both magick users or psychic, and also game players are often  struck by the contrasts and carry-overs between gaming and real world magick. Let’s talk about what game designs get right, what they get wrong, and how this may affect those learning to use real magick. (How well does roling a 20 sided die reflect the success rate of casting a spell?)




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