Palmistry- Change is Possible

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This may be one of the most exciting things Palmistry can teach us. Yes, palmistry can give you a basic outline of events in your life,  as well as insights into your character which are probably more useful than any peek into your future.

But more than that, Palmistry shows those who look one of the most important things to know about divination, whether through Palmistry or Tarot or Runes or any other system. No one is particularly surprised when you shuffle a deck of cards to see that they come up in a different configuration than the last time you shuffled. Indeed, when, after a good shuffling, a second reading gives you the same basic message, often with the same cards as the previous one, that seems more unusual than not. But aren’t the lines on your palm static? How could they change any more than the features on your face change? (After all, isn’t the way fingerprints don’t change how they can be used for identification?) But the lines do change.

The lines, as opposed to fingerprints, show the likely path of your life- what illnesses and achievements, meetings and partings, what things will have an impact on you- as well as the way you interact with the world. The Girdle of Venus shows your level of empathy, how developed it is, and how much control you have over it. If you learn to shield yourself from the unwanted intrusion of other’s energy, a broken Empathy line will become complete and strong. Sometime in a matter of weeks or even hours (depending on how quickly you learn to harness your energetic shielding). If you deak with a trauma that is disrupting your ability to cope, your lines show how you have changed your future life, through the changes in your present life.

When people are getting a daunting reading of any sort, it’s time for the reader to remind them that divination shows the most likely direction their life will go if they continue on as they are at the moment of the reading. A good follow-up question would be “what would be the likely result if I did X instead?” but often people don’t think of that or have the opportunity to ask that sort of question. But as a reader, I see it as my goal to empower my clients, so I often show them how the lines in hands change. The lines in babies hands tend to be fairly similar, but as you live, the lines in your dominant hand change as you change your future. I can show people how they have already changed their lives, so they need not fear influences shown in their current reading. The Power is in your hands to change your life- and so are the signs that help you direct those changes.

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