Making Magick with Bear on the New Normal

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12-28-16 Bear Cothran. Making Magick
Please join Tchipakkan on the New Normal 8 pm Wednesday, 12-28-16, 8-9 p.m. est.
I was talking to Bear the other day about magick being better for healing people than healing cars, and he said “it’s a different type of magick.”
As Bach said in Jonathan Livingston Seagull- it’s not believing you can fly, it’s learning how. We need to learn HOW magick works. My listeners may have noticed that I prefer Thaumaturgy to Theurgy (definitions below).  I like to “do it myself”, rather than ask those more powerful for favors.
Bear pointed out that both that overlap at times. “For me, weaving a spell means using my hands to build and craft a thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s food or steel, leather or wood, when I make a thing, it is an act of creation and I can’t help but put a bit of magick to it..“
I thought this would make a great conversation to share on The New Normal.  So tune in on Wednesday  at 8 (or catch the archive later)
If you can listen live, and want to join the conversation please call in with any stories or questions: 619-639-4606
The New Normal “airs” Wednesdays at 8-(nearly) 9 eastern time on listen, go to the website, sign in, and click on Shows, and the New Normal.
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Thaumaturgy (US pronunciation: i/ˈθɔːməˌtɜːrdʒi/, from Greek θαῦμα thaûma, meaning “miracle” or “marvel” and ἔργον érgon, meaning “work”) is the capability of a magician or a saint to work magic or miracles.
The·ur·gy ˈTHēərjē/  noun  the operation or effect of a supernatural or divine agency in human affairs.
o    a system of white magic practiced by the early Neoplatonists.
Origin mid 16th century: via late Latin from Greek theourgia ‘sorcery,’ from theos ‘god’ + -ergos ‘working.’

Thaumaturgy is the magick user manipulating the natural properties of plants, animals and minerals, time, place, etc. to create an effect. Theurgy is convincing a supernatural being to create the effect for you.

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