Lighting our fires in times of Need

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This may be a higher latitudes problem, since fire may not be so obviously necessary where it doesn’t get so cold, and where winter nights aren’t so long sd up here, but even in the tropics, fire is needed for the transformation of raw materials to cooked food, and to light the nights. A single candle transforms a dark room into a dim room, and a dim room can be navigated more safely.

Often we worry that our efforts are too small to make a difference; why bother since what we are doing is such a small impact in the huge mass of “everything going wrong at once” But this post is your reminder: every difference, however small is a difference. In a great mass of blackness, a candle shines forth like a beacon. A few degrees make huge differences in a human’s internal temperature, or in climate. Impact is often cumulative. We are not alone. When we work to help the planet, we are part of a great effort being made by millions, all of whom are motivated by love of our planet and fellow humans (and animals…). The god that inspires you may also be whispering to thousands of other people. And on this plane, not only is each effort part of a greater movement, but when someone else sees your effort, you often inspire them to join you by showing that improvement is possible.

In the Disney movie Antz, when the grasshoppers belittled the efforts of ants, Hopper demonstrated that there were so many of them that together they were able to take out the individually more powerful grasshoppers. We need to remember that normal human beings may seem weak when facing those with more power and money, but evolution has lead most humans to be good, and care for others in their group, or even strangers. Empathy is built in, and needs to be trained out. When we work together we have huge impact. Rejoice in being a small part of a great movement. Combined, our many candles will illuminate our world and meet our needs.

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