I am scared of change

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I may as well admit it. Change scares me.

I’m nervous about surprises-  a pleasant surprise is nice, but in general, one loses control with surprise, and I would rather know about things in advance.

My life has been pretty wonderful, and that may be why it’s hard to think that a change is going to be an improvement. I have friends, health, food and shelter, while many around me do not. It’s easy to fear that change is going to make my life more like the lives of those I see around me. Improvements are nice, getting worse isn’t. And how do we know what’s going to happen?

As in driving, the answer of which way is the car going to go is “the way you turn the wheel”. We don’t mind when we get what we plan for and aim at. What we don’t like is the things we didn’t plan for, and didn’t want. Sometimes you unexpectedly come upon a wonderful view or beautiful sunset. But sometimes you turn a familiar corner and the road is blocked with construction; sometimes you are driving and hit invisible ice and skid. The unexpected isn’t good or bad, but just being out of our control makes it harder to deal with.

But one thing is for sure, if things aren’t going well, we want to change them, and are pleased that change is an option. When unexpected change pops up, we should try to remember that it may be for the better, and if we don’t try to aim for what we want, the odds of hitting it are going to go way down. We have to remember that change includes a wide range of options, and many of them are good.



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