Happy Squirrel Panel

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Since the Simpson’s episode “Lisa’s Wedding” was aired, many new Tarot Decks have included the Happy Squirrel in their cards, although a consensus hasn’t yet been reached about what the card means. How do you feel about adding (or changing) the “standard” cards in a tarot deck? How far do you think it’s reasonable to alter the symbol set when there is an established set of meanings?

Tarot as Gateway to Non-Ordinary Reality- Seanara Coyote

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How often have you gazed at a picture that seemed to open onto a magical world of its own that you could step into and explore if only you knew how? Tarot cards, used for divination, meditation, and magical workings, are gateways into the Otherworlds. Learn how to move safely between ordinary and nonordinary reality using the Tarot, bringing back wisdom, healing, and messages from spirit teachers. Class will include a partially-guided meditation.

We will be working primarily with Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot, which has been out as a limited edition since March 2010 and will be released for the mass-market by Llewellyn in September 2011,  but if participants prefer to use their own decks, they may bring them.  Adults only, (75-90 minutes)