Healing Panel

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What healing modalities are easier for people to integrate into their daily lives without years of study or millions of dollars?
Kind of a practical tour of self-administered alt healing. We’ll talk about the techniques we’ve tried and worked, and what we’ve learned about it. eft (emotional freedom technique), Bach Flower Remedies, and other flower essences, aromatherapy, nutrition and enzymes, Ormus, dynamind, huna healing techniques, crystal healing, herbalism, Reiki, polarity therapy, massage and other body working techniques.

Starwolf (moderator), Jane Sibley,

The Wise Tradition in Scandinavia- Jane Sibley

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The Wise Man or Wise Woman was specially selected, trained, tested, and confirmed. The Norse and Sámi traditions include divination, communion with the supernatural, hunting and warrior lore, spellcraft, and folk medicine for both humans and animals. In this session, we will focus on healing and disease prevention (physical and supernaturally caused), using both Pagan and Christian lore. [1 hour]