Lessons in Ritual Triage – Kirk White

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“How to Avoid the Ford Pinto Ritual”

This will be an anecdote-filled discussion on what makes a ritual a good or a bad one. Over the years, the presenter has been to some amazingly powerful rituals, some plain duds, and some downright dangerous ones. We’ll talk about how each got that way and various techniques to make energy flow, get everyone involved, stir up some change for people, while keeping everyone safe and sane.  We’ll also explore the difference between ritual and ritual theater and how different size groups (10, 100, 1000 participants) need to be planned differently.

Walking the Red Road- Dennis Seavey-Windsinger

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Walking the Red Road: Basic Native American Indian Ceremony

Learn the symbolism, significance, and what is actually involved in creating effective and practical Native American ceremonies to enhance personal spiritual growth, healing, and transformation. This seminar will address some of the most commonly misunderstood, and misused, Native American ceremonies: the Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest, Sun Dance, and Prayer Pipe Ritual, in a straight forward fashion that focuses on the common symbolism and elements, rather than a specific tribal perspective. The goal is to clear up misconceptions, and give the attendee the necessary tools to utilize these extremely powerful ceremonies in their personal life. Time will be allotted for questions and answers.