Essential Oils – Colleen McCartney

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Colleen will help you learn to take care of yourself naturally with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. You will learn what essential oils are, how they work, and the how to use them. Colleen travels teaching classes; empowering others to take charge of themselves with informed self-care. Genuinely caring about how she can help you improve your life, Colleen is able to show you how using the purest oils can make many improvements to your life.
Because these are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils you can use them as daily dietary supplements as part of your daily regime as well as clear migraines, relieve cramps and menopausal symptoms; release anxiety, aches and pain; get rid of insomnia; treat infections, bug bites, and other health related problems in a holistic and natural way and at a lower cost.

Magical Healing for Chronic Illnesses- Morgan Daimler

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Magical healing is often used for immediate needs, but how does it fit into chronic illnesses? This class will look at magical healing not as a cure but as a support for people living with chronic illnesses. Participants will learn the multitude of ways that healing work can help support health, reduce pain and symptoms, and improve the energy levels of people dealing with long term health issues.[1 hour, closed room]