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Mythology- new myths for the modern world

In essence a myth is a story that expresses an underlying truth; it explains it in easily understood images and makes it more accessible. It uses symbols so that listeners can access layers of understanding as they think about the myth over the years as they grow, so that it resonates with new meaning each time we hear it. Which old myths speak to current issues, and do you have myths that might help illustrate how we can best resolve the new problems we are dealing with today?

Myth as a Source of Inspiration- Pastor Phil Wyman

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Many “people of the Book” (Christians, Muslims, Jews) hold a firm grip on the historic authenticity of their scriptures. This class is designed to emphasize the power of myth even in the light of historic writings. This workshop will not seek to separate history from myth, but will utilize the skills of discovering life changing information in myths and apply it stories you hold to have historical accuracy.