Role Playing Games as Worship- Spawn/ Larry Obern

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Role Playing Games as Worship- Spawn the Supreme Being aka Larry Obern

This class shows how even mundane things can be made into a worship session. How to talk to your god without seeming weird. What to do in situations where you need to talk to your god, and know that he is listening. The class teaches what all people should know about gaming, and that not all the gods are represented the right way.

Wards and Barriers- Larry Obern

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This will teach the student how to create wards and barriers. Techniques are taken from several sources 1.5 hours

The Other Kind – Spawn the Supreme Being Larry Obern

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What are the Other Kind? Who are they? Is there a group, or a government? What to do if confronted by one. This will cover the typical Other Kin that wander around in our world, and how to interact with them, without giving offense.

Psychic EMT – Larry Obern

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Yes kiddos, there are bad things out there.  How to safely ground someone else.  How to stop an overcharge that is occurring, and how to safely drain energy from someone who is overcharged.  This class will teach what to say, when to act, and the ethical standards that we should adhere to.

Ground, Center, and Shield, Advanced Techniques – Larry Obern

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Ground, Center, and Shield, Advanced Techniques  – Larry Obern

Description:  This covers the more advanced work that comes with grounding.  We will cover what if earth isn’t the element for you? Different types of shields and how useful they are.  Maintaining a flow from the ground and center to keep energy levels up.  Using the ground point as a power source for shielding.  Prereq: basic grounding techniques