Your Roadmap to Health and Well-being – Selina Rifkin

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How many of us feel good? Not just “ok,” but vibrant and energetic? Health and well-being is your birthright, but this gets lost to stress, injury, and poor eating habits. Once you feel ill, in pain, or exhausted, it is hard to know where to turn for help. Some treatments will help in the short term but cause more problems down the line. So how do you know what to do? Every person has their own unique path for healing, and each person is their own best health advocate. For someone seeking to improve their health, the exploration of different methods becomes a search for personal understanding. This class will present how to find your path including, which issue to tackle first, how to tell good information from bad, and the importance of a holistic approach.

Dowsing Your Health – Carol Gader

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In this workshop you will learn how to use a pendulum on charts, and to make and use charts to determine what your personal needs are in order to have the best health you can possibly have. You will be able to determine your vitality index, what your personal and psychological health levels are and what the main cause of your physical problems is, whether it is environmental, psychological, physical,  from a past life, emotional, mental, or just nutritional deficiencies.  You will learn how to read your pH level and how to correct it.  You will also learn to determine if you are holding anger or resentment, and what it is doing to your health.  You will also find out what your allergies are and how to pinpoint them, all from the use of charts.
This class will empower you to be all you can be through your dowsing skills, and to be able to help your loved ones too.  Don’t miss this class.
Prerequisite:  You should know how to use a pendulum, or take ‘The Art and Science of Dowsing’ offered at this conference.  Bring a pendulum.  They will be offered for sale at our vendor’s table as well as my book ‘Dowsing Your Health’.
(2 ½ hour class).