Spirit Suppers by Linda Demissy of Lokabrenna Kindred

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There are many ways to get to know the Gods and enjoy their company, but the simplest one is to invite them over for supper. There aren’t any strange rites to do beyond being a good host; just serve them good food and drink and pay attention. Dumb suppers, named such because the spirit guest is mute, have been practiced for a long time to meet with dead loved ones but they work just as well to meet Pagan Gods. For a few years now, I’ve been hosting monthly suppers to befriend lesser known Goddesses and learn their lost stories. Come share your own experiences and hear what has worked best for us through trial and error in practicing the virtue of hospitality.


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Many spiritual entities act according to obscure rules of debts and favors. From the creatures of faery, to Semitic daemons, to the gods of the Norse, they all hold themselves to laws of lien and obligation. By learning to manage and trade these debts the practitioner can learn to tread the other worlds in more safety.

Nine Sisters

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Nine Sisters: Gods and Goddesses of the Northern Seas – Raven Kaldera

Today the oceans are threatened more than ever before in the history of the Earth. We tend to think that the seas are unimportant to us, but the Gods and Goddesses of the Oceans would disagree. In this workshop we’ll explore the ancient Norse deities of the cold northern seas, especially the Nine Sisters who are the daughters of Aegir and Ran, and who have begun to approach modern Pagans once again. Come and discover their magic, their danger, and their beauty – and learn more about the power of the seas, and how you can help. We’ll also have a short ritual to help heal the oceans.