The Shadow of Death- Morgan Daimler

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Many people view death as the enemy of life, yet anyone who does healing work must know how to handle death and dying. This class will look at the place of death within healing, and the natural place of death within life. Only by understanding the role that death and dying play can we truly embrace living. We will also look at why many healing deities are also associated with both birth and death and how all of these connect together into an organic whole. [1 hour, closed room]

Embracing the Dark Panel

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“When we embrace the dark and allow ourselves to enter into the unknown dimensions of our minds, we can be led toward our healing, salvation, transformation, and renewal…..” Demetra George

Do you work with they dying and those in physical and emotional pain? Do you work with Goddesses/Gods associated with death?   As Healers and practitioners of many sorts it is important to be balanced spiritually, emotionally and psychologically.  This means we must be able to turn and face our Shadow Selves.We must travel into the dark places and move through them to heal. How do we help ourselves and others in this process? How do we fit into the broader  Community?  Join us for this discussion and share your insights.