Honoring the Moments- Laura Wildman Hanlon

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Birth, Marriage and Death…Rites of passage offer a time for rituals to help asknowledge and celebrate the special moments in time when an individual’s life takes a major change. This panel will discuss the various Rites of Passage and how to create personal rites to hornor those moments.

The Shadow of Death- Morgan Daimler

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Many people view death as the enemy of life, yet anyone who does healing work must know how to handle death and dying. This class will look at the place of death within healing, and the natural place of death within life. Only by understanding the role that death and dying play can we truly embrace living. We will also look at why many healing deities are also associated with both birth and death and how all of these connect together into an organic whole. [1 hour, closed room]

Midwifery and Giving Birth Norse Tradition – Jane Sibley

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Midwifery and Giving Birth using Traditional Norse Folk/Magic Medicine – Jane Sibley

Giving birth in the old days was fraught with danger. They didn’t know about bacteria, but they sure knew about trolls, bears, evil spirits, and other problems which might affect the birthing process. In this class, we will examine what folks did from the time the mother-to-be realized that the child was coming, to the time the afterbirth was delivered and the baby was put to her breast. This includes spellcraft, first foods, protection magic, and the role of the child’s father in the proceedings. [1 hour]