The Torah and Gospels as Rites of Initiation – Dr. Andrew Cort

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THE TORAH AND GOSPELS AS RITES OF INITIATION – Dr. Andrew Cort   (spiritual initiation)

When read as literal historical narrative, the Bible seems to justify violence, promote questionable morality, and insist we believe in fantastic claims that defy scientific logic. But read symbolically (as was intended), it’s a magnificent How-To Manual for Spiritual Initiation!

The Sacred Feminine in the Bible- Andrew Cort

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The Sacred Feminine in the Bible- Andrew Cort

Is the Bible really sexist? Actually, when taken symbolically and allegorically, the Bible describes a soul’s inner quest for enlightenment (“The Return to the Promised Land”, e.g., is a metaphor), and at every step along the way it includes a balance of the Masculine and the Feminine. But we have lost this understanding! Now we must restore the Sacred Feminine to her full divine stature in our lives and culture. Why? Because without her all spiritual evolution is impossible! She is the key to Creation and Return. In this seminar we will see why only the Sacred Feminine, within the soul of a human being or the soul of a civilization, can receive the pure, endless, unknowable Being of God, without trying to limit or define it, and then bring it to birth as infinite abundance and love in this world. And only the Sacred Feminine can reconnect us to that infinite, timeless, Divine Being, and lead us home.