Palmistry as aid to communication and expressing love- Adam Latin

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This class/course will teach you how to look at the lines in the palm and identify how a person communicates and also receives love. Each person communicates in their own unique way but there are patterns and lines in the palm that will help guide one toward or away from a particular style of communication. Please bring a notebook or recorder as we will be covering quite a bit of information. I will be answering questions at the end of the class as time allows.

Basic Hindu Mantras- Adam Latin

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One way that people who walk a Hindu tradition pray is to repeat a phrase/sentence a specific number of ritualistic times. These phrases are called mantras This class offers a few basic description of a few deities and a mantra for each of those described. Focusing on a particular deity allows one to ask for help in a specific manner whether that help be abundance, protection, healing or rapid change. I will be answering questions at the end of class as time allows.