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This is it! Next weekend we’ll be at Changing Times-Changing Worlds. Not only is the theme this year change, the whole conference is about change, because if we can normalize the idea of the paranormal, if we can make people understand that the supernatural is Natural, if we can show the interaction between the metaphysical and the physical, and that while magic is faking effects, magick is just another way of achieving real effects, we will be able to go on with everything working better and more easily when we don’t waste energy trying to explain how things work.

If you haven’t told your friends about the conference do- registration is still open and only $77 until November 1st. How many times have you confided to someone “I’ve never told anyone this before….” only to have them tell you about the thing they never mentioned- that their house is haunted, that they do energy healing, that they sometimes have telepathic or precognitive experiences? If you don’t let them know it’s OK to talk about, who will?

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