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Charles-ButlerPlease join Tchipakkan and her guests Charles Butler Neto as we talk about the challenges of helping pagans in prisons. Last month when we (Janine Marie Goram and Tchipakkan) spoke about this, Charles was unable to join us, so we’ve asked him to come back so as not to miss his perspective. Charles works with the practitioners of Santaria, Umbanda, as well as Wiccans in his ministry, and each carries its own challenges (as we noted with Heathen). Given the common assumption that prisoner’s will reform if they “let Jesus into their hearts”, some pagans find a less than hospitible environment to express their spirituality in a prison environment.
If you missed the live show, the archive is here:
Charles Butler Neto is an interfaith minister with Rising Sun Outreach Ministry currently in school at Howard University School of Divinity majoring in Divinity with a minor in Public Policy and Education. He works as a prison subject matter expert in Pagan traditions (Wicca, Asatru, Umbanda, Santeria). He writes letters to incarcerated people and prison chaplains, especially prisoners in Administrative Sequester. The field of prison ministry for Pagans is growing but we can always use more help.
Charles recently had an amazing visit with the Ooni (High King) of Ile Ifa in Nigeria (the head of the Ifa religion) and Baba Alatunde (King of the African village of Alatunde in South Carolina)about prison ministry. I am so eager to hear more about the efforts to keep the indiginous Nigerian religion alive.
Another huge issue Charles is working with is how to help people stay out of jail after release. (about 75% are back in jail within a year). Charles is working with the grassroots organization Healing Comunities USA for an alternative to these depressing statistics.
 Charles book here: Pagan Prison Ministry
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