Change is Scary

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OK, I’ll admit it, I chose this change image because it’s seasonal. But change is often scary, and the thing that’s hardest to change is our minds.I’ve spent decades trying to figure out why in modern media anything with magick or ghosts is categorized as horror. My working theory is that when you are comfortable with your world, and someone challenges you to accept something that doesn’t fit into the way you think the world works, that throws everything you know into question. You feel that “well, if THAT’s real, maybe other things I don’t believe in are real too!” It can make someone feel as if the foundation of the world is not firm. It makes your assumptions false, your world unstable, and insecure.

This is why it’s so great to find a place (like CTCW) where you can talk to others who have seen the same realities and you can talk to them without fear of  disbelief or ridicule. No one is going to think you’re crazy. No one is going to think you’re stupid just because you believe in things pooh poohed by the mainstream. In our experience, most people have had these experiences, seen things, heard things, smelled things, felt things,… but didn’t talk about them for fear of being rejected by friends and family. It is so liberating and relaxing to be able to share one’s experiences with others who are ready to listen and believe.

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