Speaker Spotlight: Sophia Kelly Shultz

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sophia Kelly Shultz_face0Born and raised in suburban Philadelphia, Sophia Kelly Shultz has been working professionally as an artist for 29 years, at first specializing in “fantasy” portraits in which customers could order portraits as, for example, centaurs or fairies, etc.–and more recently in the spiritual and mythological paintings for which she is now widely known.

Egyptian Magic: An Introduction Without the Laundry List Sophia Kelly Shultz

Turn your view of ancient Egyptian magic on its ear–instead of going over list after list of “this is what this amulet does and this is what color it should be”, look at Egyptian magic the way the Egyptians looked at it: as a dynamic part of their everyday lives. Via a series of vignettes depicting problems and solutions. Along the way, we’ll discover many magical practices that will seem very familiar.

and Panel: Leadership and Raising Stones at Four Quarters Interfaith

Come to this panel ready to discuss leadership in your community! Based on my article “Walking the Walk: Leadership at Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary” which is featured in the book “The Pagan Leadership Anthology” we will discuss how leadership skills develop, particularly when raising a 6-ton megalith is involved. A power point featuring pretty pictures will serve as the backdrop for open discussion and question and answer about how leadership skills develop in an interfaith setting.

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