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Panel Spotlight: Ghost Panel:

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Ghosts Panel: Different strokes for different ghosts.
Panelists will compare theories (and experiences) about whether what are called ghosts are figments, interactions with beings from other dimensions, ancestors, deities, energy patterns left on some substance of reality, or something else?
IF interaction with beings outside of ourselves: What has experience & science taught us about this otherworldly phenomenon to date? IF personal experiences: Is time really linear? What of astral travel? Past life regressions? Near-death experiences? Meditations? Sacred space?

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Speaker Spotlight: Ariel Sirocco

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Ariel Malachi Sirocco is an Integrative Hermeticist following the Corpus Hermetica and related writings; as such, he is a hardcore Panentheist.  He frequently teaches ancient Hermetic history and traditions and has taught at several esoteric conventions along the Northeast and at countless private gatherings.  Ariel has an academic background in biology (Q.C.) and 15 years with the American Museum of Natural History.  To this day, he weaves his scientific knowledge with his ritual.

Ariel has been a practicing occultist since 1983.  He was initiated as a High Priest of the Minoan Temple, Inc. of New York in 1998 and The Temple of the Spiral Path-NYC in 2004. During this time, he realized that the scientific and the esoteric were two sides of a coin named “Ritual” and, thus, began his true pursuit and calling: Hermetics.
He moved to Connecticut for several years where he started Coven Quiddity (2006).  It grew into the Akashic Temple (2009) and ran monthly meetings and a few major events during the year.  In 2007, he joined the Masonic fraternity and his attentiveness quickly raised him through the ranks reaching Master Mason in 2008.  In 2012, he became a 32-Degree Mason of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and Washington Council Princes of Jerusalem, Master of Ceremonies (2012-2013) of the Scottish Rite, Valley of Bridgeport, Ct.  In 2017, Ariel became the Worshipful Master of Union Lodge No.5 in Stamford, Ct.
During this time, his passion with Hermetics led him to reach out across the United States and abroad to Amsterdam, NE in search of Elders.  In Amsterdam, he reached out to and visited the world-renounced University of Hermetics (@ U.o.A.).  However, he found his teacher on the West Coast – in California and in 2015, Ariel was granted an encampment charter from the Ordo Templi Astartes (OTA) for New York City area.
It is Ariel’s belief that this “New Age of Esotericism” deserves academic exploration without sacrosanct or circular defenses.  If this does not happen, the entire family of “pagan and esoteric traditions” will fall into disrepair, ill repute, and eventually dismissed as merely fanciful.

Past Classes: (all classes are at least 90 minutes) Contact at:

Some, but not all, of these classes have been offered in prior years at Changing Times, Changing Worlds. (check the archives)

Class Title

  • Alchemy: History of the Stone
  • Candle Magick
  • The Chaldean Oracles: Who, What, Where, and Why
  • The Chaldean Oracles: Hecate
  • The Chakras: for Novices
  • Elemental: Air
  • Elemental: Crystal Mediation
  • Elemental: Fire
  • Elemental: Water
  • Elemental Callings of Solomon: Ritual and Hermetic
  • Elements of Ritual
  • Eros and Thanatos
  • Frequency Lecture: Schumann, Frequencies, and Energy healing
  • The Hermetic Creation Myth
  • Heretical Witchcraft: Roots and Fruit
  • Iconography and the Masonic Temple (Greek and Roman Symbols)
  • Lugh, Lughnasadh, and Lunatics: Irish and Roman Perspectives
  • Manifestation 101
  • The Measure of Magick: Sacred Geometry, 101
  • The OCR: Observer Created Reality (Quantum and Perception)
  • Mid-Summer Magic!
  • The Nature of Magick: Intention and Will
  • Personal Protection, Level One
  • The Primacy of Paganism: Historical Hermetics in Egypt and the Near East,
  • Pseudo-Dionysius and 10 Letters (Interpreting Pagan History)
  • Sacred Sexuality and Sex Magick
  • The Seven: Astrological and Alchemical Sisters
  • Symbolism 101: Creating Change
  • The 36 and Divine Creation!
  • Which Witch is Which? And, Witch are You?
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Price break ending May 31st

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Get your reservations in before the weekend and save $10. It’s $75 in May, but $85 later, and $99.99 at the door.
Register here:
Also if you’d like to speak at CTCW, please get your proposals in so we can get the schedule set!
If that’s not exciting enough, join us as a panelist, or make a suggestion about a panel you’d like to be in or attend!

Remember, this is YOUR conference. Let us know what you want to be happening there!

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Vendor Spotlight: Metaphysically and Naturally Yours

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Our planet Earth is abundant and supplies us with naturally healingplants.
Henna has been used to beautify the
skin and hair for thousands of years in regions across the globe and is well known for its wonderful healing properties.
~I offer henna as a spiritual healing
modality and blessing through positive intentions
( I do not seek to diagnose, treat,prevent or
cure any disease)
Through positive intentions, love, compassion and trust. The process of healing is literally in your hands.
Metaphysically , henna symbolizes

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Embracing “Occult” power

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We are often afraid of power. A common aphorism is that “Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.” Even when we are not concerned about what it might be doing to our spiritual health, we often wonder just how much power we can control…, and what if it gets away from us?

Our earliest lessons are our parents telling us not to “play with fire”, or “run with scissors” (much less use sharp knives or appliances). We have been raised on the story of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and science fiction movies about how scientists don’t realize what effects they are creating: Godzilla or giant insects. It’s all too much for humans to control. Now we are looking at Climate Change, and extinction of multiple species, which seem to argue that the dire warnings were correct!

But let’s go back to our childhood lessons: eventually, we are allowed to use the car or the sewing machine, and we’re taught how firearms and medicines work. We are taught the balance between the risks and benefits, because while we could walk or bike everywhere, we’ll probably be able to get a better job if we can drive, and we would rather not be sick or disabled. When you have learned how to use them appropriately, powerful tools are beneficial.

I think most people think that “occult” is a scary word. In the Middle Ages, “malificia” was often used to gloss witch, herbalist, and poisoner. If you had the ability to heal, you had the ability to poison, and the assumption was made that you would do the worst. Having defined women as a “weaker vessel”, it was important not to let them have power, as they’d abuse it. (Similar to the reason it was illegal in the South to teach a negro to read.) A lot of modern Americans fear that if someone is “psychic” that means, not that they get (occasionally) useful flashes of information, but that they can hear what you’re thinking, or know your secrets, and will use that ability to take advantage of them. Since so little is known about psychic abilities, foolish fears find easy environment to grow.

Perhaps a reason behind this fear is that we can all think of times we acted on our worse impulses, and worry what would have happened had we had more power at that moment. Those moments scare us, and stick with us. We tend to forget all the times we had a nasty impulse and decided “that would be wrong/stupid” and discarded it. That’s forgotten (although far more frequent). Reinforce this with times we’ve seen others abuse power, and we can become afraid to embrace power of any sort whether psychic, political, or physical. But it’s as unreasonable to fear our “occult” abilities as it is to fear that if we light a campfire, we will set the forest ablaze. Sadly, the media is far more likely to use examples of things going wrong and getting out of control than mentioning normal daily occurrences. They aren’t “news”; they won’t sell ads. The result is that almost everything we hear about the occult is from horror movies.

There’s another “horror” story many know: Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” where a man caught out in the Yukon alone discovers just how important fire is to man in that environment. The horror comes not from the “unknown” but from that which the protagonist could have known had he been wise enough to learn.

We need to embrace the reality that like any other resource, we will learn how to control the fire, and not abuse it. We can resist our worst impulses. We can use our inner abilities to improve our lives. We do not need to give something up because it has the potential to do damage. The fire that burns also warms us, cooks our food, lights our way. The benefits come with control, from knowledge and practice, not avoidance.

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