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Life and Loss

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Raven Grimassi

Edain McCoy
Ralph Metzner

The Pagan Community is dealing with a string of losses this month. Raven Grimassi, occultist, strega,and author died March 10, Ralph Metzner, founder of the Green Earth Foundation the 14th, and author and witch Edain McCoy died the twenty-first.

Some of us got to meet them, others have had our lives changed by reading their wisdom. I will probably remember Raven as the young strega on the back of his book cover Italian Witchcraft in the 90s, although I didn’t get to meet him until 2009 when they moved to New England. We tried for years to get Raven and Stephanie, his wife, to come to CTCW, but they were so popular they were always busy. I am reminded that we must never presume that “there’s always next year”, and sometime we have to remember to do as much as we can while we’re still around. Deaths remind us of the preciousness of the lives around us, and our own, and to not waste the time we have together.

I never got a chance to meet either Edain McCoy or Ralph Meltzer, although I think sitting down and chatting with folks is the best part of CTCW- give and take, discovering that both have come to the same place by different ways, learning something new… I’d have loved to talk to him about his “Six pathways to destiny” , or even listen to him talk with some of the other speakers about it. (At least he’s left us the book to spur our own thoughts.) If you’ve not read it yet, here’s a bit from the description on Amazon: “Each of us, as a human soul, incarnates by choice with a purpose, an intention or vision for this life – what we came here to do and to be. The soul chooses one or more of six great archetypal pathways in which to develop its talents and realize its vision – Healer/Peacemaker, Explorer/Scientist, Warrior/Guardian, Artist/Musician, Teacher/Historian, Builder/Organizer.”

As most of us are confident about the survival of the soul after bodily death, we may not see death as a total loss, however we do experience it as all humans do, as a separation that prevents easy contact with the one who has died. Since McCoy was younger than I, I am left wondering if she fulfilled her goals before she moved on, whereas since Meltzer was older than I, I tend to feel that he did. (although at 67, 83 looks a lot younger to me than it did when I was 47!) We are grateful for what they’ve left us, but we’d rather they were still here so we could ask them the questions we feel they could answer.

Between Imbolc and Ostara we may speak of death and rebirth, but when we have to personally deal with the “breaking down” in order to build or “create new life”, we can be as reluctant to deal with that reality as anyone else. So we indulge in a little self pity that we didn’t get to say “I’m sorry”, or “thank you”, to enjoy the energy and work of their lives, but only then wish them “Hail and Farewell” on the next part of their journeys.

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What can CTCW do for you?

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We are now actively planning this year’s conference, assembling speakers, vendors, readers, and coming up with ideas for panels. We are also reaching out to attendees, because we need to know what you want to get you to come back!

Or, to couch it in terms of this year’s theme:

What do we need to do to create a conference you need? What do you want to learn? Divination? Healing? Magick/ manifestation? Spiritual practice? History of magick use and users?
Do you want entertainment, rituals, quiet time? How interested are you in vendors? in readers? We’ve tried different things and try to be adaptable.
Do you prefer workshops by individuals or panels where different guests share their perspectives?
If you like panels, what would you like to hear discussed?
Do you want some introductory classes as well as more advanced? What topics would you like covered? (We started this hoping to get to more advanced teaching- is there something specific that you’d like covered? One thing is certain, speakers are more eager to teach a subject they know someone wants covered.)
Which of our former speakers would you like us to try to get again, and do you have any suggestions for speakers we should try to invite?
What programs like our volunteer and work-study options do you like for making the conference available to those who might otherwise not be able to afford to come?
We’d like to get people from many communities, Christians as well as Pagans, New Age folks, Dowsers, Spiritualists, Parapsychologists, everyone who works with human energy and knows that there’s more to being human than the modern world commonly admits.

We want to change the world so that everyone can use the potential all humans have and not pretend that the supernatural/ paranormal/ and metaphysical doesn’t exist. We know it does, we use it daily. We’d like to live in a world where everyone can use and talk about these abilities normally.

Our goals are:

  • To teach effective, practical use of energy work and magick;
  •  To Encourage intermediate and advanced work, classes and presentations;
  •  To better grasp the history of esoteric studies and spiritual practices;
  • To foster communication between the communities who study and practice these arts.

Let us know what you’d like to see, so we can make this year’s conference the best ever, and meet the needs of everyone who comes!

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Thoughts on this year’s theme :

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“Feeding our Fires in a Time of Need”

Fire is an analogy of course, it’s a symbol. A great symbol for many things. This year we are calling on this powerful symbol as we explore our times of need. At the most basic, Fire gives man warmth and light. Fire keeps us from suffering from cold, and helps our fear of the dark. It scares away predators, and cooks our food, boils water to purify it, and makes a soothing cup of tea (helps release qualities into water). Warmth can also help our muscles release tension, and I could go on….

Fire has needs as well, it needs air and heat and fuel. We need to support it, “feed it” to get the benefits we want from it. As I said, it’s a marvelous symbol for many things, and this year we’ll probably use many.
We are also going to be looking closely at the word need. I’ll admit my first connection when I thought of Need was from the Rolling Stones song “You can’t always get what you want…” which reminds us that what we need and want are not the same thing. I then moved on to Mazlow’s hierarchy of needs, which is a reminder that we can easily forget what we need, and which needs are more important. Often it is the things we take most for granted which we need the most such as air, safety, love, or esteem; it’s often the lack of what we need that shows us that we need it.
This year we’ll be opening ourselves to learn what we truly need and how we can support ourselves and others before needs become acute. This is why we feed our fires.

Not everyone camps, but if you do, you know the frustration of when the campfire goes out, and you have to start it all over again. The same is true of a fire in a woodstove, (or keeping a furnace fed). It’s better to maintain a balance in health, in finances, in almost every aspect of life rather than to have to start over. Another analogy might teach us that no amount of watering a plant will bring it back once it’s dead. We must feed all our fires: physical, emotional, spiritual. If we are in a time of need, if imbalance has reached the point that we are aware that something we took for granted needs help,
Whether you need information you can’t get through normal channels, whether you need healing, whether you need connection to the gods or to community, we will be exploring ways for all of us to feed our inner fires, and satisfy all of our needs.

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CTCW 2019

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Changing Times Changing Worlds
November 15 – November 17, 2019

Honor’s Haven Resort
1195 Arrowhead Road, Ellenville, NY 12428

Click HERE for how to register for the hotel.


 The theme for 2019 will be about manifesting what we truly need.

Come on over to the facebook group to see what we are up to.

Facebook Event page

2019 is our tenth year. Favorite presenters from previous years will be returning, as well as exciting new ones, along with an expanded class offerings, new panel topics, vendors, readers, and a new venue.
Visit our REGISTRATION page to learn more!

 Click here for blog posts and learn more about us.

We have workshops, panels, discussions, healing sessions, psychic readers, and vendors, with time to talk, eat, and shop. We offer advanced material for experienced practitioners to expand their skills, as well as introductory classes for those just discovering new areas to explore. As beings of spirit and body, it’s time to stop dreaming about our non-physical abilities, and learn to use them safely, ethically, responsibly and practically.
The change we want to make in the world is the acceptance and integration of what has been seen as “other” (supernatural, metaphysical, paranormal) but is normal and natural.

Full conference Registration is only $99. This includes all classes, hands-on workshops, panels, rituals, concerts, and access to the vendor room, including readers, and healers’ services.
Discounts are available for volunteers, elders, students, groups, and earlier registrations, day rates are available. Contact us to find out more.

Remember you can save money by registering on line, and we have work exchange opportunities that can deepen discounts. This is a group labor and we’d love to have you join us in this act of creation. This is OUR conference!

This stuff is real!

Check archives to see what panels and workshops we’ve done in the past. You can download many workshops from previous years in our shop for $2.99 each!

Panelists Sign up here.

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We have a site!

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Changing Times-Changing Worlds will be taking place on

Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa

  • 1195 Arrowhead Road
    Ellenville, NY 12428
  • November 16- 18 (two weeks before Thanksgiving)

Our Web Guru is going to revamp the website and put up a new registration form (always trying to make it easier).

Join the conversation over on Facebook!

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