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Crystal Skull Day- sunday of fourth week of November

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Crystal Skull World Day  happens each year on Sunday of the 4th full week of November (which technically doesn’t happen this year because the fourth week is only six days), but the 25th in 2018. (Nov. 24 next year)

Crystal sculls are cool. When I was a kid I read stories about “THE” Crystal Scull, but as I got older I learned about more of them, and now there are many available so we can all have them. Akasha’s Journey sells them if you haven’t got one yet!

“The British Museum in London acquired a crystal skull in 1897 from New York’s famous jewelry company Tiffany’s. Back then, the theory of the pre-Colombian origin of the crystal skulls was still undisputed. The following decades, however, have proven that these artifacts were produced in Europe long after the Mesoamerican civilization had been destroyed.

The curators of the British Museum decided to keep the skull as an artistic representation, despite its initial false claim of authenticity. Through binocular microscopic research, the scientists managed to discover how the crystal skulls were made. They concluded that the carving technique and tools were native to Western Europe and that the quartz was manufactured as early as 1860.”

“Aztecs used the quartz crystal to carve various types of jewelry and decorations. Some of their most prized artifacts are the crystal skulls that were discovered in the 19th century. Historians believe that the Mesoamerican shamans used these perfectly anatomical representations in various rituals, including medical ones.

Nowadays, crystal skulls are used for meditation and yoga therapies. Many consider them to be powerful tools that ease the spirit’s journey to a higher plane of understanding. Others believe that in combination with natural medicine the quartz crystals generate a healing energy able to cure common ailments and fungal infections.”

“Crystal Skull World Day is an event created by a group of dedicated guardians in order bring together people who share the same profound passion for crystal skulls. All the members are volunteers and have given their time and effort to put together this fantastic event.”

(this is from the Crystal Skull World Day website)

Does anyone have one, and have a story to tell about it?

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Aura Awareness Day

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November 24th is Aura Awareness Day. It happens the fourth Saturday of November each year.  Simply put, an aura is the energy field around a person (animal, plant, or nearly anything else’s) body, which many people perceive as light- often in colors.






The auras of those with greater amounts of energy are easier for people to see, so in many cultures there’s a tradition of saints and other spiritually powerful people being depicted with this glowing field- often around their head, other wise known as a halo.

Many people see colors, and healers can often use the colors to diagnose illness by examining the auras. Others sense auras as a buzz, or change of temperature.

It’s rather exciting that people have started to recognize auras enough that a holiday has been made to raise awareness. It was started in 2002, but I haven’t yet found out who started it. It was established to raise awareness about auras and the leading role that these auras play in being healthy and happy. Many associate the colors of the auras with colors of the chakras. We combine studying ancient spiritual teachings about auras and colors with our personal experiences in the modern world.

Because “seeing is believing”, the traditions of auras became more accepte when Kerlian Photography was able to give scientists something they could document. Wikipedia says “Kirlian photography is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges.It is named after Semyon Kirlian, who, in 1939, accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a high-voltage source, an image is produced on the photographic plate.  ” It became more popular and well known in the 70s.

These days you can get a color image of your aura- and it’s fun to see the changes these photos show under different conditions (for example, at the beginning and end of the conference)!

It’s also fun to find the edges of your aura with dowsing L rods or other tools. Or learn to see or feel them more. Even if you can’t sense your aura, it’s there, and your emotional and physical health effect on your energy field, and it effects your health. One thing personal experience has shown is that if you have holes in your aura, your energy can leak out, leaving you feeling weak. Energetically closing these holes, often caused by physical or emotional trauma, helps you heal physically much faster.

We know that the aura is made of layers, from just at the edge of your skin, to extending several feet out around our bodies. Clearly at least one of these layers is protection- where we put up shields, keeping our own energy in, and energy we don’t want out. Other times we extend our auras to intersect and interact with the energy fields of other people- this is often used in healing, and happens naturally when we touch each other.

We speculate whether one (or more) of the parts of our energy bodies hold our consciousness during an out of body or near death experience, or when we dream, or when we die.

Clearly this is a complex and vast area of study, well worthy of our attention, and awareness. If nothing else, “celebrate” this awareness day by asking those around you what they know about auras, and by sharing, everyone’s knowledge becomes greater.

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All things change

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I know the Change CTCW  is over, but I just tripped over this great quote from Ovid.


It’s quoted in a book I’m reading Houseof Darkness, House of Light, by Andrea Perron, a memoir of the ten years her family lived in a haunted house. At one point her mother quoted this to her:

“All things are always changing,
But nothing dies. The spirit comes and goes,
Is housed wherever it wills, shifts residence
From beasts to men, from men to beasts, but always
It keeps on living. As the pliant wax
Is stamped with new designs, and is no longer
What once it was, but changes form, and still
Is pliant wax, so do I teach that spirit
Is evermore the same, though passing always
To ever-changing bodies.”

A web search revealed this is from his Metamorphasis (book 15, lines 59-477) The Teachings of Pythagoras.

It speaks to me of how the changes we see may confuse us into thinking that what changed is different than what we think changed. Ovid (or Pythagoras) warns not to kill someone because we don’t know why his soul is in this state at present. Of course, in the book they are talking about ghosts and dealing with them. The book is so much slower paced than movies  made about the incident, which makes sense since in a haunting you have sporadic incidents over a long time, and in a movie, they take the most dramatic and stuff them into a hundred minutes. If you are interested and willing to read through the development of family dynamics while living with a difficult haunting, not looking for the easy answers and jump scares, I can recommend this book. At very least, it begins and ends each chapter with wonderful quotes.

The version I found an image for is rather different,but also good.

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Home Safely!

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Thank  you for coming, we couldn’t have done it without you.
The weekend was crammed as full of wonderful activities as we could get it (although we are learning to build in  breathing room).
We hope the changes you made were positive, and you can get a chance to relax and integrate everything you took in during the conference. We wish for you a peaceful transition, continued benefit from the community, and a great holiday season.

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Growth is Optional

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That’s it for this years theme. We have tried to make Change less painful and scary. Remember to Vote to get the change you want on November 6th if you haven’t already done so.
Thanks for coming and checking on the blog.

(Next year’s theme is Getting what we need, more than what we want.)


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