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Announcement: Paranormal Investigation

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If you want to come just to do investigate a haunted hotel, click here for tickets.

Dutchess Paranormal Investigators AND Changing Times Changing Worlds Conference along with 3 local Hudson Valley Psychic Mediums, Luna Hacker, Amy Wilson, Willow Diana, will be leading a Paranormal Investigation @ Villa Roma Resort Callicoon, NY.

$50.00 pp ( + fee ) for the Investigation from 9pm-1am


CTCW (Changing Times Changing World) Conference is opening up a public Paranormal Investigation for $50pp. – This is NOT an overnight event but, rooms can be purchased at a discount ($119 rate the CTCW Conference.)

(to make room reservations you must call the hotel and specify that you are reserving with the CTCW Conference)

When you purchase your $50 ticket to the Paranormal Investigation, you will be able to attend lectures, panels & vendor show going on @ The Changing Times, Changing Worlds Conference over the weekend. (800) 533-6767 ( to reserve your room )

CHANGING TIMES CHANGING WORLD -The North East’s Favorite Metaphysical Conference with Heart and Soul. 3 days of workshops, panels, discussions, healing sessions, psychic readers, and vendors.

“As beings of spirit and body, it’s time to stop dreaming about our non-physical abilities, and learn to use them, safely, ethically, responsibly and practically. The change we want to make in the world is the acceptance and integration of what has been seen as “other” (supernatural, metaphysical, paranormal) but is normal and natural into daily life “

DUTCHESS PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS- Is a not for profit paranormal investigation group based out of the Poughkeepsie area in Dutchess County, NY . They have help many families in the Hudson Valley area that have experienced paranormal activity in their homes. Holding public events and lectures on the paranormal. Dutchess Paranormal a small group of 4 – Joe , Maryann, Annmarie and Willow . Using the latest scientific methods and tools as well as psychic investigators in their research.

LUNA HACKER-Psychic Luna is the On-Air Psychic / Medium for the ” Woodman in the Morning Show on K104.7 FM” Luna is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient Psychic and Channel of Spirit.

As a Medium/Channel of Spirit she does not force Spirit in. If the Spirit wishes to come in and communicate she will do her best to connect with them. Luna is an evidential medium, and provides evidence supporting their visitation from the other side.

As a Channel she also receives messages from Spirit guides, Ancestors, the Angelic Realm, and Galactic Guides.

Luna reads tarot cards, runes, bones, shells and Lace.

As a Spiritual Counselor she gives advice on matters of relationships, love, career, finances, and spirituals matters, etc.

Psychic Readings are meant to be fun, but also to impart important information to help your daily life.

Luna is a Witch, Energy Healer, Root Worker, Herbalist, Sound Healer, Teacher, Artist, Priestess and Ordained Minister.

AMY C WILSON – Amy C Wilson is celebrated Spiritual Medium and Psychometrist who has worked with and read for individuals and missing person cases.

She has been a practitioner of the Magickal Arts and has worked in various New York City occult stores for over 25 years specializing in healing others through Candle Magick.

Amy holds Round Tables every month to discuss various life topics from a metaphysical perspective and how to transmute our energy into positive reflections into our outer reality.

Amy also is the voice behind the Reluctant Spiritualist which she created to help other’s become more conscious of thought patterns that are holding them back from their fullest potential.

WILLOW DIANA- Along with being part of Dutchess Paranormal Investigators, Psychic Willow Diana is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient psychic who receives messages from deceased loved ones, ancestors, angels, spirit guides and even deceased animals.

An Ordained Minister and Spiritual counselor She has been a local professional psychic tarot reader, energy worker, Sound healer/teacher, Healing Henna Artist, Herbalist and paranormal investigator for over 15 years.

Willow has studied shamanism, & many healing modalities. She has studied under many master teachers and is herself a teacher and works with earth medicines such as herbs, Crystals, oils along with Spirit brining evidence forward for closure and healing ~

You will find Willow at the Local Holistic Market in the Hudson Valley and Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue Sanctuary in Dover, NY where she volunteers her healing modalities to the herd, humans and the land. She occasionally does readings, teachings and healing sessions @ Luna Enchanted in Marlboro NY.

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Readers Spotlight!

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Our 2018 Readers will Include:

Willow Diana 

Intuitive Spiritual Consultant, Reiki Master, Sound Healer in Tuning Fork Therapy, Shamanic Practitioner, Crystal healing, Energy clearing/smudging, Psychic Tarot Reader, Henna Artist, Paranormal Investigator.

I am an Ordained Minister in the Sanctuary of the Belived in the Order of Melchizedek and Universal Life Church. I am a Usui Reiki Master Teacher as well as Seichim and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Practitioner.

My strong desire to help people has led me on a magical journey. Over the years I have studied Witchcraft, Wicca, Native American Shamanism, as well as many other Spiritual Beliefs. I have studied Munay Ki, Tarot, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Sound Healing, Runes, Astrology, and the Paranormal.

There is a “knowing” out there that I sometimes cannot explain. We are taught beliefs that sometimes conflict with our inner instinct, our inner self. This can create imbalances and dis-ease. I went out to learn, heal, and evolve. Many teachers helped me to “remember” my way, gain new perspective, heal spiritually, and transform. With my tools, Spirit Guides, and Ancestors, I can assist you as you navigate this lifetime. ~

Luna Hacker

Luna is an Interfaith Minister, Psychic Medium, Witch, Root Worker, Vodouisant, Energy Worker, Teacher, and Hudson Valley Shop Owner. She has been the on- air psychic for K104.7FM WSPK “The Woodman in the Morning Show” for 5 years now.

Luna has been practicing Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Vodou and working with Spirit for many years. She was raised Catholic, and still has an affinity for the Angels & Saints working with them regularly in her Hoodoo and Voudou practices.

Luna is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Seichim-Sechem Master Teacher, Animal Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, IET Practitioner, Certified Tuning Fork Therapist, Certified Crystal/Singing Bowl Sound Therapist, Crystal Healer, & Certified Herbalist.

She has studied and continues to study Shamanism, Astrology, Crystals, Hoodoo, Voodoo, Vodou, magick, metaphysics and the occult.

Luna is an avid “ghost hunter” and is professional paranormal researcher.

Luna is a Mom to a 10-year-old and a full house of pets. She lives and breathes her spiritual practices daily.

Psychic Medium Star

Star is a psychic and spiritual medium who connects people with loved ones from the Spirit world through Evidential Mediumship readings. She also gives insight psychically with Angel card       readings, and provides Reiki healings from God source.

She has studied Evidential Mediumship at The Journey Within Spiritual Church, with Pastor Janet Nohavec and other well-known and gifted mediums from around the world. She obtained Angel Card Certification from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and is a Reiki Master/Teacher earning certification from Jody Cleveland at Hands of Serenity.

Star will be offering mediumship readings and psychic angel card readings, plus she will be offering an Open Mediumship Gallery.


Nicole Monforti (sorry, last minute cancellation- look for her next year)

Nicole Monforti is a self taught tarot reader as well as the artist and creator of The Tarot of Curiosities, a tarot deck 10 years in the making comprised of handmade cut paper collage and photography and text reimagining the 22 major arcana cards as well as all four suits of the traditional tarot through her unique perspective. The deck focuses on themes of Victorian medicine and the concept of the cabinet of curiosities, as well as the architecture of the Kirkbride insane asylums build of the 1800’s.

Nicole is an intuitive and learned the art of tarot card reading as a teen. She continued her study into adulthood when she began work on creating a deck of her own in 2005. Because of her personal connection to the deck she is able to provide the client with an entirely unique reading experience.


Rebecca Hamilton

Rebecca Oubouzar is an artist, writer, and Kabyle-by-marriage. She has been a practicing pagan for more than 15 years, and has studied and worked with Kabyle culture and symbology for more than a decade. As the co-founder of Raven’s Own, a unique collectibles shop, Rebecca helps to create unique jewelry, tools, and figurines that reflect her eclectic quirkiness. Irreverent and sarcastic, especially with her deities, she spends most of her time herding cats.

Thor Halvorsen (sorry, last minute cancellation- look for him next year)

Titles: DeafPagan, Poet, Educational Interpreter, artist (the crafty kind), activist. Norwegian/wesh American, Geek of Technology and Linux

Paths: Norse, Welsh, Wiccan, Heathen, Ancestral Veneration, Runes and Runic Studies, Reiki, Rune Valdr.

Interests: Audiophile (LOVE MUSIC), science fiction, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, transpersonal psychology, anything Norse, and to do with Deaf culture and Social Justice. Did I mention I am a geek of Technology? Love folk stories and fairytales (misnomer, honestly), and mythology.

Philosophy: “If you argue for your limitations, they are yours” Richard Bach, Illusions. “That to be human, is to recognize the humanity in all, if you expect them to honor the humanity in you.”

“If belief was wind, the stars, the seas, then all will be fair, the mysteries would be preserved, and all can know these things are alike and equal”

Of late, been really delving into Wendell Berry’s works, and a longtime fan of Richard Bach.


Personal:   Military brat, lived in South Korea, Germany, east and west coast of USA (Md, AZ, WA). Stepdad emphasized cultural relativity long before I had a word for it. exposure to the culture of Norway via my dad’s family, and my stepdad’s scandinavian family, and welsh from my Mom’s side of the family, I had good familiarity of the dieties, stories, and culture, and eventually the food, when I got to visit the countries of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, etc. Poetry, published in The Tactile Mind quarterly magazine, issue: Vertigo. Also was assisting in an article that was published. (See bio in USC Letter)

Religious:     Been a practicing Wiccan for almost 20 years now, MD recognized Clergy status, 2nd Degree Elder, Coven of Amber Heart, Coven of Amber Rose family of Covens. Was a visiting member of Ecumenicon, then migrated to CTCW, and have been a speaker at a few conventions so far (honored to return each time).


Professional” Educational Interpreter for the Deaf, ASL Adjunct Professor at College of Southern Maryland.





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Vendors Room and Vendors Village!

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This year don’t miss the Vendor Village in the same building as hospitality- in the time share resorts where our sleeping rooms are!

We will have the usual vendors room, but we will also have these wonderful folks selling and reading in their rooms, convenient and full of amazing stuff!

Akasha’s Journey (Sponsor)

Akasha’s Journey offers a variety of quality products for your Spiritual Journey.  They will bring us Barefoot Books, doTerra essential oils, divination products, a variety of Harney & Sons and Simpson & Vail teas, hand crafted gemstone jewelry, a large selection of healing crystals, hand crafted bath & body products, books, herbal and natural remedies, and more.  In addition, Maryalyce & Gabriella will be available for healing sessions including Reiki, Tuning Fork Therapy, IET, and Crystal Healing sessions.  This is their ninth year with CTCW.

You can find Akasha’s Journey upstairs  in the Vendor Village.




Auntie Arwen’s Spices (Sponsor)

Auntie Arwen (Jane Sibley) is a small home based business bringing you the freshest quality in ingredients, with a wide range of flavor blends to suit any pallet.  Blends are created based on culinary harmony as well as historical accuracy, and are packaged with an overflowing amount of passion.

Auntie Arwen also carries excellent quality coffee and teas, as well as home made fudge and some snack blends.

Jane Sibley’s books are a feature at her Auntie Arwen display.



Cabochons (Sponsor)

Cabochons- silver jewelry, long stripey stockings, hand painted silks, unique jewelry with semi-precious jewelry, ceramic figurines, votifs and cookie stamps, Tchipakkan’s cookbooks, wood burned and painted boxes, and more…








Willow Diana (Sponsor)

Willow Diana joins us as a Tarot Reader, Young Living Advocate, Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioner, and Healing Henna artist.  You can find Willow in the main Ballroom and schedule a session with her.  She will also be presenting a few classes as well as co-leading the Paranormal Investigation with Dutchess Paranormal, Amy Wilson, and Luna Hacker on Saturday night.

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Gina’s Gadgets by Athena’s (Sponsor)

Always classy, never trashy top of the line hair and body care items, massage, spa items, and adult novelties.  Athena’s products are free of petroleum, mineral oil, and paraffins.  They are gluten free, sulfate free, paraben free, PHTHalate free, and certified Fair Trade.  Through her business, Gina helps keep couples together, keeps men and women safe, educates for a better experience, and inspires others to believe in themselves.  Plus, she holds safe space for LGBTQIA individuals.

Gina’s Gadgets can be found upstairs in the Vendor Village.




Luna Enchanted (Sponsor)

Luna Enchanted is a full service Metaphysical shop offering a variety of magickal products & services including Tarot cards, incense, smudge, hand-crafted jewelry, angel products, and much more.   Luna will be offering Bone and Tarot Readings at CTCW.

In addition, Luna is one of our 2018 presenters and will also be co-leading the public Paranormal Investigation on Saturday night with Dutchess Paranormal, Willow Diana, and Amy Wilson.

Find Luna Enchanted upstairs in the Vendor Village.


Nightshade Paperie (Sponsor)

Indulge your shadow.  Lisa is an occultist, pastry chef, creatrix of magick, Medievalist, Witch, Ex-Mortician, Aquarius, and Psychopomp.  From candy geodes to crystallized books and bottles to chicken feet to magickal candles and soaps, Nightshade Paperie has the most magickal and mysterious goodies.

Look for the awesomeness in the Main Ballroom.









Wandering Paintbrush Studio Sophia Shultz (in Vendor Village)

I have been a freelance artist for 32 years, at first specializing in fantasy portraits and now working on a line of insightful paintings featuring mythological figures and minerals (what a combination!)


Other Worldly Waxes and Whatever (Sponsor)

Candles are the strongest and oldest way to reach the heavens.  Other Worldly Waxes and Whatever offers hand crafted and ritually charged candles, incense, oils, and other occult items.

This year, Amy will be teaching some classes for us as well as co-leading the public paranormal investigation on Saturday night with Luna, Willow, and Dutchess Paranormal.



Pine Winds Press

“We All Have Souls” by Tom Blaschko. This is the first book in the series.  This series asks two fundamental questions: What evidence shows that souls exist? and What are souls good for? Of course, the first question we need to ask is What is a soul? That’s what this book is about. It looks at evidence for souls, what our souls can do, and how knowing about souls can make our lives happier, safer, and more meaningful.    Tom will be presenting this year.


Raven’s Own (Sponsor)

Raven’s own offers handmade jewelry, art, figurines, tools, and curios made from chain maille, polymer clay, and more.  Rebecca will also be offering readings made from the Kahina Stones.

Rebecca will be presenting again this year!







Rosamonde’s Cottage (Sponsor)

Rosamonde’s Cottage is a retail space for one-stop shopping for magical materials:  fairy costumes and accessories, fairy garlands, wings, wands, tutus, dresses, shawls, scarves, jewelry, T-shirts, fairy and mermaid dolls, and more.

Rose combines whimsy with joy and the result is a delightful display of rainbows and baubles that won’t fail to bring a smile to your face.




Sunshine’s Creative Designs

Sunshine’s Creative Designs offers both retail and wholesale crystals, minerals, specialty tumbled stones from around the world.  Some of the featured stones include Bumblebee Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst Cathedrals, Petrified Wood, Rhodochrosite, and high quality natural Citrine, Smokey Quartz, and Smokey Citrine.  We have lots of double terminated points as well as high quality generator points.





The Tarot of Curiosities (last minute problem,look for her next year)

Divination Reimagined!  The Tarot of Curiosities is the 78 cards of the Tarot deck re-imagined as cur paper collage using photographs and handmade papers/  Each card is thoroughly researched and traditional imagery is reinterpreted to create a cohesive, interesting, and one of a kind Tarot Deck.  Nicole has used her own photographs as well as vintage imagery combined with textural papers and hand drawn accents.

Nicole will be presenting a class this year!

Find Nicole & Tarot of Curiosities upstairs in the Vendor Village.



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Coming up next week

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This is it! Next weekend we’ll be at Changing Times-Changing Worlds. Not only is the theme this year change, the whole conference is about change, because if we can normalize the idea of the paranormal, if we can make people understand that the supernatural is Natural, if we can show the interaction between the metaphysical and the physical, and that while magic is faking effects, magick is just another way of achieving real effects, we will be able to go on with everything working better and more easily when we don’t waste energy trying to explain how things work.

If you haven’t told your friends about the conference do- registration is still open and only $77 until November 1st. How many times have you confided to someone “I’ve never told anyone this before….” only to have them tell you about the thing they never mentioned- that their house is haunted, that they do energy healing, that they sometimes have telepathic or precognitive experiences? If you don’t let them know it’s OK to talk about, who will?

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Workshop Spotlight: Paranormal PTSD Sarah Livermore

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The paranormal has become very popular in recent years. It’s on TV in the form of paranormal
investigation reality shows even exorcism sometimes gets televised. There’s even a paranormal tourism
industry where people can go on haunted cruise ships, pay to participate in public ghost hunts at well
known haunted locations, and nearly every city has tours of local paranormal hot spots. The focus of
paranormal pop-culture is generally the investigation aspect of it. The thrill of chasing after something
spooky and the excitement of catching evidence of something beyond life as we know it. What tends to
be neglected and forgotten is the aftermath of a haunting or possession case. Experiencing the
paranormal is often traumatic for the people involved. Long-term follow up to help them restore their
sense of normalcy is often necessary, but there aren’t a lot of supports available to someone suffering
paranormal PTSD. This lecture is what I’ve come up with after many years of dealing with paranormal
 PTSD in my work helping resolve haunting and/or possession cases.

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