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The Wild Hunt on the New Normal

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cordeswildejagdListen to Tchipakkan on the New Normal Wednesday night (November 30th) from 8 to 9 pm edt. as she talks about Ghost Armies.

From earliest times, there have been reports of groups of specteral entities, often in the sky, often dangerous to encounter, although not always, commonly called the Wild Hunt, and associated with the dark time of the year. These reports have continued in every period, up to the modern song Ghostriders in the Sky. One might even include Santa Claus as a part of this tradition, especially when some of the earliest versions were also bringers of gifts and blessings.

Tchipakkan will talk about many of these traditions- please join us and call in with questions and stories: 619-639-4606

If you miss the show, we’ll post the link to the archive here for you to listen later.

The Wild (or Infernal) Hunt, Herlaþing, Hounds of Annwn, Wilde Jagd, Noisy Riders, in folklore are tales of an army of spirits who could be heard passing on winter nights, and if directly encountered was dangerous to body and soul. From souls of sinners or unbaptized babes to pagan gods, these were objects of horror, pity and danger, or at least contact with the divine. I’ll try to cover as many versions as I can, from the Benadanti through the cursed huntsmen, to the Krampus connection.

To listen live: open a window on your computer to, sign in, and click on Shows, and the New Normal to listen. To listen later at your convenience, shows are archived by date on here, and they’re organized by date, topic and guest on .


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The Havamal Rune Query on the New Normal

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Arwen smilingOn Nov.23 Tchipakkan (joined by Jane Sibley and Thor Halvorsen) talked about the four lines in the Havamal that refer to Rune Magick.

Vet du, hur du rista skall? 
Vet du, hur du reda skall? 

Vet du, hur du färga skall? 
Vet du, hur du fresta skall? 

Vet du, hur du bedja skall? 
Vet du, hur du blota skall? 

Vet du, hur du sända skall? 
Vet du, hur du slopa skall?

If you’d like to listen, the show is archived HERE on LiveParnormal.10152461069566983

Do you do rune magick or any other sort of magick? The Havamal verses 143-145 asks 8 questions about using the runes, but I find it applicable to many sorts of magick, theurgy as well as thaumaturgy. Over the centuries many people have given their interpretation of what these verses mean, and I’ll be giving mine.

(Do you know how to carve runes? Do you know what they mean?

Do you know how to color them? Do you know how to check them?

Do you know how to ask for help? Do you know how to pay for it?

Do you know how to send them on? Do you know how to clean up after yourself?)

Tchipakkan’s show The New Normal often has CTCW speakers for guests and tends to be the same subjects as we have for the conference.  The New Normal “airs” Wednesdays at 8-(nearly) 9 eastern time on (yes, on your computer), and we love people to call in with questions and stories:619-639-4606 .

Go to the website, sign in, and click on Shows, and the New Normal to listen.


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Speaker Spotlight Raven Kaldera

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Raven Kaldera is a Northern Tradition shaman, intersex/transgender FTM activist, erotica educator, Ordeal Master, Speaker for the Transgendered Dead, homesteader, diviner, psychic vampire, herbalist, polyamorous parent, and author of many, many books, articles, and short stories. Raven is a builder of bridges betweRaven-white-furen worlds, a crosser of boundaries between communities, a Reweaver of the Web. He is the Dreamer Whose Dreams Come True. ‘Tis an ill wind that blows no minds.


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We’ve had a few speakers call in that they are unable to attend, Lady AMber Dawn, Tracy Andryc, &

Kirsten Houseknecht. (If you want to send a little healing energy their way, it would not be unwelcome).



But new workshops are added to fill in the schedule (which we hope to publish momentarily) so that you still have more wonderful events than you can attend.  Check the Workshop page.

New ones include: Using Tarot in Fiction Writing- Kathryn Smith

Tarot cards can be a valuable tool for the fiction writer. Ever run into a recalcitrant character who just didn’t want to tell you what was going on in their heads, or get stuck on a plot point where you feel that the answer is just out of reach? Try using tarot to gain insights into your characters. We’ll discuss how to do a reading for a character, or to divine what might happen if you take the plot in one direction rather than another. Your characters are lurking in your subconscious, and the cards are just the tool to help you tease them into the open.

The Ethics of Divination –  Lois Fitzpatrick (a/k/a SewMagical)

Doing readings for others can be fun and enlightening, but it can also be a great responsibility. We will discuss some suggested do’s and don’ts, as well as what your client should expect from you (and the other way ‘round, too!).

Practical Spell Crafting – The quick and messy method -Kat Emeralld

Careful spell crafting involves time and preparation but sometimes the passion/energy of an immediate moment is too good to pass up. This workshop offers practical tips and tricks to conducting spell-work on the fly with minimal tools for maximum result. Spell components are available for minimal cost

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